Rules and Privileges

Rules and Privileges


In order to provide the same study environment for all users, we ask that you conduct yourselves quietly at all times, not just in designated silent and quiet areas, so as to not disturb others. The architecture of some of our buildings is such that people in neighbouring rooms or areas can hear your conversations.

Coats and bags

Please leave your jackets, coats, and bags in the lockers. Valuables may be kept on hand in the baskets provided. If you use a locker, please empty it on the same day.

Food and drink

Eating is not permitted in the library. You may bring drinks in lidded containers into some areas. Please ask a member of staff if unsure. Most of our libraries have break rooms where you may eat and chat.

Mobile phones

The use of mobile phones is prohibited in the library. At the Campus Library Südstadt, you can make calls to University extensions using the telephone near the entrance.

Group study

Conversation is permitted in the group study rooms only, so as to not disturb other users.


Studying with children - KESS

Play & Study areas are called KESS (Kinder-, Eltern-, Spiel- und Studierzimmer).

These areas contain workspaces in addition to a learning and playing area for children up to the age of 12. The KESS is open to all members of the University and their children. At the Campus Library Südstadt, the key to the room is available from the circulation desk. The KESS at the Linguistics and Literary Studies Library is freely accessible during opening hours. More information


Please leave any books or papers you have taken off the shelves, but do not wish to borrow, on the tables/ book trays provided. Do not return any items to the shelves yourself.

Lost books

Should you have damaged or lost a book from the library, we need you to inform us via Reporting loss or damage.

Further guidance

Please refer to the following regulations for further guidance.

Benutzungsordnung, Hausordnung der Universität, Gebührenordnung, Bibliotheksordnung, weitere Ordnungen