Accessing electronic resources

Accessing electronic resources

General Provisions

Logging into the University's network lets you access the library's electronic resources.

General information about the University's network is included in the Netzordung.

If you are working remotely, you can connect to the network from anywhere.

You can also access the resources by logging into the University's wireless network. You need a user ID issued by the ITMZ to do so.

If you log in on a library PC, you are automatically connected to the University's network; however, not every user has the same access authorisation.

Access levels

User group

Access from within the library

Access from a private PC

Students and staff of Rostock University

unrestricted access

yes (Help with connecting)

Staff from other institutions

almost all resources accessible

yes, with a user ID issued by Rostock University's ITMZ (Help with connecting)

Students from other universities

almost all resources accessible

yes, with a user ID from a member institution of the DFN (List of members; your institution's IT department can help you connect

Private persons with a research assignment (please contact the information desk if you have a question regarding this)

almost all resources accessible


Trainee teachers

almost all resources accessible


Privat persons ages 16+

highly restricted access