Access from home

Access from home

All members of Rostock University can connect to the University network from home to use our electronic resources. You have two options to log in:

Connect via ITMZ Application Server

Advantage: super-fast internet speeds

Disadvantage: you can only access the applications available on the server

University members with a user ID can connect to the application server and use the installed software on the server (for example, MS Office applications). Work can be saved to USB device or on the user's home directory.

Please see the ITMZ pages for further information.


Connect via VPN

Advantage: you can use all of your own applications

Disavantage: slower internet speeds

Please see the ITMZ pages for further information.

In addition, some platforms offer direct registration via the central registration service of Rostock University. In the database information system (DBIS), you will find an overview of available offers.

Using the University’s central registration service

Some platforms offer access to licensed electronic offers (databases, journals or e-books) via the central registration service of the University of Rostock. On the provider's website you can log in with your University user ID and password.

To register for the various electronic offers, select your institution from the list (e.g. Rostock University Library, University of Rostock; if applicable, preselect "German Higher Education and Research" or "Germany [DFN-AAI]").

You will then be automatically redirected to the central login service of the University of Rostock, which uses the Shibboleth procedure. Once you have successfully authenticated yourself there with your University user ID, you will be given access to the licensed content and redirected back to the resource provider.

Logging out of a Shibboleth session takes place automatically after a specified time after closing the browser (all windows). Unfortunately, users have no active logout option. For this reason, the browser cache (and with it the Shibboleth data) should be deleted after use on a public computer and after the session has ended:

  • Mozilla Firefox: Delete history via the key combination: Ctrl + Shift + Del
  • Internet Explorer: Delete browsing history via the key combination:  Ctrl + Shift + Del