Reporting loss or damage

Reporting loss or damage

Lost or damaged items

If you lose or damage a borrowed item, please fill in and sign the form "Verlust- und Schadensmeldung" (Report Loss or Damage) before speaking to a member of staff at the circulation desks.

Lost locker key

Should you lose the key to your locker, please speak to a member of staff at the service desks and fill in the form "Verlustmeldung Schrankschlüssel" (Report Lost Locker Key).

If the key is not found within a week, we charge a replacement fee of 15.00 Euros, in accordance with the University's fee schedule.

Lost long-term locker card

Should you lose your long-term locker card, please contact a member of staff at the library where you rented the locker.

The card replacement fee is 5.00 Euros (as per Nutzungsbedingungen für Dauerschließfächer).