Arbeitsplatz Bildung, Geschichte und Altertum

Group Study Rooms

Campus Library Südstadt

Gruppenarbeitsraum mit Monitor

Group Study Rooms

The Campus Library has 6 group study rooms, 2 on each floor. Reserve a group study room

Additionally, it is possible to quietly work in groups on the ground floor. Group working is prohibited in all other areas of the library.

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Education, History and Antiquity Library

Gruppenarbeitsplatz Bildung, Geschichte, Altertum

Group Study Rooms

Rooms 2027, 3027, 4023, 5021 and 5022 are group study rooms.


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Linguistics and Literary Studies Library

Gruppenarbeitsplätze Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften

Group Study Rooms

You can study in groups in room 107, as well as in the ground floor lobby.


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Theology and Philosophy Library

Gruppenarbeitsplätze Theologie und Philosophie

Group Study Rooms

You can study in groups on the first floor of the library.

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