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As a department of the University Library, the University Archives are responsible for the indexing, description and permanent preservation of the administrative records of archival value to the University of Rostock from 1419 to the present. As the historical memory of the University, the department takes on the task of documenting the functions, activities and developments of the Alma Mater Rostochiensis comprehensively and comprehensibly. Archived documents are made available to the public in compliance with legal requirements. In this way, the University Archives make an important contribution to historical education and to the social culture of remembrance. The Archives include the Custody of the University's art collection, which takes care of the indexing, administration and conservation of the historically grown art and object collections, as well as the monuments of the University.

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Universitätsarchiv Rostock
Universitätsplatz 1
18055 Rostock


Tel.: +49 381 498-8621
Fax: +49 381 498-8622

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Dipl.-Archivar (Univ.) Dr. Gunther Viereck

Tel.: +49 381 498-8620

  • Head of University Archives and Kustodie
Bettina Kleinschmidt

Dipl.-Archivarin (FH) Bettina Kleinschmidt

Tel.: +49 381 498-8624

  • Photography Archive
Nadine Kamlah

Nadine Kamlah

Tel.: +49 381 498-8621

  • Photography Archive

Sylvio Erdmann    

Tel.: +49 381 498-8621

  • Student Registry
  • Graduation Records
  • Personnel Records
  • Transcriptions

Dipl.-Bibliothekarin Cathrin Frühauf

Tel.: +49 381 498-8795

  • Custodian
  • Catalogus Professorum
  • Registry Portal
  • Reference Collection