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What can I find in the Common Union Catalogue?

The holdings of over 1,000 academic libraries in ten German states can be searched in the freely accessible Common Union Catalogue (GVK). The K10plus database searched in this way contains over 226 million records.

If no or only a few publications are found in the holdings of Rostock University Library, you can use the GVK to extend your search to all network libraries and order suitable literature to be delivered to Rostock by interlibrary loan.

If a search in the Common Union Catalogue does not lead to any results, a search in the meta search engine VFL (Verbundübergreifende Fernleihe) is offered. It is used to search in the union catalogues of the other six federal states and enables interlibrary loans of media not listed or not available for interlibrary loan in the GVK.

Through the GVK copies of articles from electronic journals and partial copies from e-books can be ordered also via interlibrary loan. If one of the participating libraries can supply the desired copy, the GVK displays the button "Order copy" in the title display for the electronic journal or for the e-book.

Open the GVK