Placing an item on hold

Placing an item on hold


Items currently loaned out to another user can be placed on hold in both Discovery and the Catalogue.

Such items are designated as "lent till". Choose the item you wish to reserve and click "Reserve", then enter your user number and password. The item is now on hold for you.

The other user will receive an email notification that their item has been reserved and that they can no longer renew the loan period.

Item received

As soon as the item you have on hold has been returned to us, we will notify you by email. The email will tell you from which library you can collect the item. Your reservations are now available and present for 5 days. Please remove the media that can be borrowed from the issue shelf and check them out yourself using the self-checkout-terminal. Media intended for use in the library can only be obtained at the circulation desk.

Cancelling a reservation

You can cancel a reservation through your user account while the item is still on loan on someone else. Log in to your user account and click to "Reservations". Select the item and press the button "Cancel reservation" next to the item. This cancels your reservation.

Reservation not possible

You cannot place an item on hold if:

  • there are three other reservations on the item
  • your user account is locked
  • your membership has expired
  • you have too many reminders on another item
  • you have reached the maximum amount of outstanding fees allowed.