Using the digital library

Using the digital library


All members of Rostock University – students, administration, and academic staff – have a university user ID issued by the ITMZ, which allows you to connect to the university network and gives you full access to all electronic resources the library offers. All other user groups need to register with the library first.


How to access electronic resources

Logging into the university network
By logging into the university network you gain access to the library's electronic resources. Access to the resources differs depending on your user group. Details are available in our Terms of Use.

While in the library, you can log in on a library PC or connect your device via WiFi.

In addition, some platforms offer direct registration via Rostock University's central registration service (Shibboleth procedure).

Searching for resources

We offer access to e-books and e-journals from many different subject areas. You can access these resources via Discovery or the Catalogue. We explain how to search for electronic resources on our pages 'Books and e-books' and 'E-Journals/ Print Journals'.

Please note that you will be transferred to the publisher's website in order to read or download books and articles.

Subject-specific resources

Subject-specific electronic resources are listed on our subject area pages:


DBIS lists all relevant databases. EZB lists all electronic journals the University Library subscribes to. National Licences are another way to access online resources.

Further information

Please be aware of copyright laws when downloading resources. If you have any questions regarding any of these services, please contact us.