Account Locked

Account Locked

A user account may be locked for various reasons, meaning that services such as renewing a loan will no longer be available. If you have any questions regarding a locked account, please contact one of our service desks.



Temporary restrictions on borrowing

Users may be temporarily barred from borrowing for one of the following reasons. Durations vary according to the reason for the restriction.

Outstanding fines

Should the sum of your outstanding fines exceed the maximum amount allowed, you can no longer renew your loans. Once you have paid the required sum, either at Campus Library Südstadt or at Education, History and Antiquity Library, your account will be unlocked.

Note: If you have received an invoice by mail, you can no longer pay in person. The letter will contain the banking details needed to make payment.

Fourth Reminder

Should you have received 4 reminders for an item, you can no longer renew any loans. Please return the item as soon as possible to one of our service desks.

Penalty Proceedings

If a loan period has been exceeded extensively, the item(s) must be returned as quickly as possible and all fines paid. If you receive a penalty notice by mail, please follow the instructions therein. Subsequently, you will be barred from borrowing resources for 1 to 3 months.



Library card Lock

Your account is locked immediately once a library card is reported lost or stolen. Whilst the lock is in place, you cannot borrow any resources or access your user account. The account is unlocked once the missing card is found or you have completed the replacement process for a new card.