Contact the Campus Library Südstadt

Contact the Campus Library Südstadt

Campus Library Südstadt


Universitätsbibliothek Rostock
Campusbibliothek Südstadt
Albert-Einstein-Straße 6
18059 Rostock

Subject Specialists

The following is a list of subject specialists at the Campus Library Südstadt. Subject specialists are responsible for providing reference literature and information to students, researchers and faculty. They assist with bibliographic searches and offer subject-specific user training courses for online databases, online resources and electronic journals.

Renate Bähker

Renate Bähker

Tel.: +49 381 498-8626
Fax +49 381 498-8602

Dr. Stefan Eberhard

Dr. Stefan Eberhard

Tel.: +49 381 498-8692

Michael Hexel

Tel.: +49 381 498-8676/8720

Dr. Martina Paape

Tel.: +49 381 498-8629

  • Department: Altern des Individuums und der Gesellschaft
Dr. Erik Schreiber

Dr. Erik Schreiber

Tel.: +49 381 498-8671
Fax +49 381 498-8672

Christian Tholen