Open Access

Open Access Publishing

Open access is a way to freely distribute research information without access barriers. Open access publications are available online, free of charge, and free of other restrictions. Rostock University published its Open Access Statement, promoting free access to research information, in December 2015.

Many open access journals charge authors fees for publication services (article processing charges, often abbreviated to APCs). In 2017, Rostock University established the Open Access Publication Fund to provide an opportunity to cover – under certain conditions – the charges levied by open access journals. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) sponsors the fund under its Open Access Publishing funding programme (project number 325496636).

The University Library negotiates discount agreements with eligible publishers. You can apply to the fund to cover your publication costs using this form. Further information, including the conditions for funding, is available here.

The Open Access Monitor is a useful tool illustrating open access developments in Germany.

Here is a website covering information about Open Access publications during COVID-19.