Returning Books

Returning Books


You can return books in person or ask someone else to return them for you.

Should you have any questions regarding other loans at this time, please have your library card or student card ready.

Three days before a loan period expires, you will receive an automatic email reminder; however, we recommend that you also check the status of our items yourself on a regular basis.

Return locations

Books that are part of Rostock University Library's holdings may be returned to any Campus or subject library.


All interlibrary loans must be returned to Campus Library Südstadt.

All items borrowed from the Hochschule for Musik und Theater must be returned to that library.

Return by mail

If you are unable to return an item in person, you can also return it by mail. Please bear in mind that the mail takes time, and subtract that time from the end of your loan period in order to avoid late fees.

You are liable for any damage or loss incurred during delivery.

Library mailing addresses