What can I find in the Catalogue?

The freely accessible Regional Catalogue contains the holdings of the following libraries in the regional network:

The Rostock University Library holdings comprise:

  • all books published in the years 1501–1850
  • books published between 1851 and 1959 are only contained in part (Please use the Electronic Card Catalogues to search this period.)
  • all books published since 1960
  • all newspapers and journals

For printed media, the catalogue provides information on lending status and physical location in addition to bibliographic data. As a rule, electronic media can be accessed directly, provided you are connected to the Rostock University Network.

It is possible to reserve or order media via the catalogue. You can also save search results to a saveset and export selected results or savesets in the standard formats for the exchange of bibliographic data (RIS, BibTeX, EndNote). You can access your library user account from the catalogue interface.

Tips for searching the Catalogue

1. Fuzzy search: This search can be expanded by phonetically similar words. Activate this setting by checking the " approximate search" box at the top.

2. Search results can be analysed according type of publication, language code and country code. To do this, click on "Analyse Hit List" in the menu on the left. The analysis can help you find sheet music, for example, or all English-language items associated with the name Goethe.

3. You can save up to 100 titles on the clipboard by clicking "save" in the menu on the left.

4. You can also save authority records in this way.

5. The HTML code of the title pages contains metadata that can be used with the appropriate clients. See LINK COinS (ContextObjects in Spans).

6. The Catalogue is linked to Google Books. When you click on a title for the detailed view. The system checks if Google has full-text extracts of this title. If so, a link to the Google preview will be displayed.

7. We offer full-text versions of many electronic resources. Due to licensing regulations, these are usually only accessible from within the University network. The link to the full text, if available, is located at the bottom of the title page in the detailed view.

8. RSS feeds: The first 20 search results are sorted by date and can be subscribed to. Updates occur once per day. You can save any query, no matter how complex. (To save a search as an RSS feed, click "Subscribe this search (RSS)" at the top of the search results page.

9. If an item is available both in print and electronically, the item's title page will contain a link to the other version(s) (displayed at the line "Bibliogr. context").