Rostock University Library

The Library

Rostock University Library was founded in 1569 and currently holds more than 2.2 million printed items. The Library provides access to academic literature and information to support the learning, teaching and research objectives of the University and supports regional and national research and occupational efforts, as well as vocational training.

The Library consists of two campus libraries and a number of subject-specific libraries.

The Catalogue lists all of the Library's holdings. We have introduced a new search tool called Discovery. Holdings not listed in the Catalogue (such as publications from 1851-1959), can be found in the Electronic Card Index. Literature that is not available at Rostock University Library can be requested from other libraries via interlibrary loan. E-journals and subject databases are accessible from anywhere via the University network.

The Centre for Patens and Standards offers services around industrial property rights and standards. Users can request searches in all relevant patent databases. The complete DIN and VDI rules and standards are also available.

The Library's substantial Special Collections contain rare and unique cultural heritage materials, including old prints, historical maps and atlases, and an extensive Mecklenburgica collection.

The University Archive & Art Collection is also part of the Library. They collect, index and preserve historically relevant documentation generated by the University's faculties and institutes.

The Richard Wossidlo Centre collects the academically relevant and culturally valuable holdings of the Library, with a focus on books published from the 17th century to the middle of the 20th century.