Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Information on the re-opening of the library

Which locations are open? (last updated 01.12.2021)

From 20.07.2020, the following location will open:

Visiting the Centre for Patents and Standards, the Special Collections and the University Archive continues to require a prior appointment.

Please help us make this process as smooth as possible!

Current service provisions (last updated 01.12.2021)

Services currently being offered are:

  • borrowing and returning of books and other media,
  • telephone and email support (please send queries on searching for literature through our contact form),
  • use of the scanners/printers/copiers (please disinfect the touch pen with disinfectant and a paper towel before and after use).

Help and guidance are not available at the information desks. If you have any questions, please contact us via this form.

3G rule at the library (last updated 01.12.2021

  • The 3G rule applies at all University Library locations!
  • Only vaccinated, recovered or tested people are allowed to enter the library buildings.
  • Have the appropriate certificate and your ID ready upon request.
  • Self-testing on site is not possible.

Who can use the University Library? (last updated 01.12.2021)

  • University members (students and staff) of the University of Rostock
  • members of cooperating institutions
  • Ph.D. students
  • teachers in training in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • University members of other universities within Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 
  • registered Guest Students


Please bring proof that you belong to one of these groups (student/ staff IDs, library cards, etc.) with you when you visit us. The library remains closed to all other members of the public.

What happens if I currently have books on loan? (last updated 01.12.2021)

Due to the corona-related restrictions in our library operations, we have arranged the renewal of your borrowed literature for you. These automatic renewals will continue.

Reserved media and items you have received a late reminder for, as well as interlibrary loans, are not automatically renewed.

User groups who are currently not allowed access to the University Library due to current regulations do not have to expect any additional reminder fees. You can hand in late or reserved items to entry management staff at the Campus Library Südstadt.

Workspaces (last updated 01.12.2021)

Workspaces are available in the Campus Library Südstadt and in the Campus Library Innenstadt. Learning and working at the workspace of the library is only possible upon presentation of a 2G certificate (vaccinated, recovered). Please inform entry management staff if you require the use of a workspace. Once your 2G-documentation has been verified, you will receive a place card, which must be displayed in a clearly visible position at your workspace.

Furthermore, masks are now compulsory in all public library areas. This means that our users must also wear mouth and nose protection while using the workspaces.

All members of Rostock University are able to reserve a workspace at the following links. Please take note of the booking conditions listed there. 

Number of workspaces in all locations available for all users (external users and members of the Rostock University) without prior reservation:

  • Campus Library Südstadt: 200 workspaces
  • Education, History, and Antiquity Library: 60 workspaces
  • Linguistics and Literary Studies Library: 16 workspaces
  • Theology and Philosophy Library: 14 workspaces

What are the hygiene standards the library follows? (last updated 01.12.2021)

  • In order to minimise the risk of infection, all visitors must wear a medical face mask (surgical or FFP2 mask).
  • Taking a basket – available at the entrances – when entering the library remains mandatory.
  • Please come alone if possible and keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres (ca. 5 feet) to others. If you can, please use the hand sanitisers available in the library.
  • If you suffer from an acute respiratory disease, you are unfortunately not allowed to use the library, unless you can present a medical certificate confirming that you are not ill with COVID-19.

Please note the current Hygiene plan of the Rostock University Library.


Can I use the library's electronic resources?

As a member of Rostock University you can access all of the library's electronic resources from home. We explain how to do this on our page 'Using the digital library'.

Any other questions?

You can reach us at .