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SFX, the fastest way to fulltext

OpenURL Path = http://sfx.gbv.de/sfxubr3

SFX offers links from citations in databases to the corresponding full text, if available electronically for the University of Rostock.

In the search results in the various subject databases and electronic journals will be displayed in the hit list or in the full view of each citation an SFX button like this:

SFX Button

Link Example
SFX - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is SFX?

    Ex Libris SFX (short SFX) is a linking mechanism (link resolver) supported by the External Link Ex Libris Group. SFX creates shortcuts from article citations or abstracts found e.g. within databases to the available full-text of a third party publisher. The precondition is that the University Library of Rostock subscribes to the online journals with those articles. If there is no full-text access available online, SFX also gives you options to search the Online Library Catalogue of the University Rostock for a print copy or to submit an interlibrary loan request.

  • How do I use SFX?

    The Rostock University Library provides a number of databases which are "SFX-enabled".

    External Link Current list of SFX-enabled databases. This list is updated on an ongoing basis.

    After you have found an article citation that you are interested in, click on the SFX-button. A new browser window with the "SFX Services" menu will open.

    If you already have the bibliographic information for the reference you are interested in, you might also use the Link SFX Citation Linker to directly retrieve the relevant SFX Services / access the SFX-Menu.

    Another option to easily access Journal Content and the SFX-Menu, is to use the list External Link A-Z Liste. The SFX-Service is integrated into the website of the Rostock University Library (navigation bar left side, eJournals (SFX)). Über die Suche nach dem Titel eines Information about the eJournal and direct access to the eJournal is provided by the eJournal title search. If needed, the search can be refined by using the registers category, localize, Citation Linker.

  • What databases are supported by SFX?

    External Link Current list of SFX-enabled databases.

  • Why don't I see any SFX buttons?

    Maybe you research a database, which is not "SFX-enabled" yet. Moreover in some databases, the SFX-button only appears in the full record of the single article citation.

  • Why does the number of links in the SFX Menu vary?

    SFX is a context-sensitive service: depending on the type of the search results in a database, it provides a variety of library services that will help you to get the document needed as fast as possible. If possible, SFX displays a link to the respective full-text document (opening an additional browser window). Otherwise you may return to the SFX menu to select a different service, like Rostock University Library online catalogue research, interlibrary loan or document delivery.

  • Why didn't I get a full-text link for my article?

    In principle, only links to electronic documents can be offered if the full-text access is licensed for the university of Rostock.

  • Why does SFX sometimes give more than one full-text link?

    There is overlap among our electronic journal collections and databases, therefore sometimes full-text is available from more than one source.

  • Can I use SFX off campus?

    SFX links will appear for electronic resources licensed for currently registered members of the Rostock University (students/staff). For Off-Campus use you need to be logged in to the Rostock University network via Remote Desktop Connection.

  • What is the Citation Linker?

    If you already have the bibliographic information for the reference you are interested in or if you are using a database which is not "SFX-enabled" yet, you might also use the Link Citation Linker to directly retrieve the relevant SFX-Services.

    The more information you provide to the Link Citation Linker, the more precise and useful the SFX full-text links will be.

  • Does SFX support my reference management software?

    It is possible to use the OpenURL - http://sfx.gbv.de/sfxubr3 in reference management programs to run availability checks via SFX.

  • More questions about SFX - Need help?

    Send an email to E-Mail joerg.simanowski(at)uni-rostock.de or alternatively report problems and provide feedback via the "feedback"-SFX menu link.
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