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Looking for a specific document? Fill out the suitable form below using the citation you have.

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Citation Linker searches the Library's eJournal or eBooks collections and provides links to the online full text. If no online full text is available, Citation Linker suggests other options so that you may get your article ore book in some other way.


Röpke, Gerd. Quantum condensates in nuclear matter. Physics of particles and nuclei, 2008, Vol. 39:7, p. 982-992

If you have a citation like this from the bibliography at the back of a book, or from an article, course notes, internet search, etc. follow these steps:

  1. Confirm that it is a citation to an article and select the Form Article. Transfer the following data in the form:
    • Article Title: Quantum condensates in nuclear matter.
    • Journal Title : Physics of particles and nuclei
    • Year : 2008
    • Volume : 39
    • Issue : 7
    • Start Page : 982
    and click on the search Button.

  2. If your citation has an abbreviated title (e.g., Bull at Sci, J. Appl. Econom), find the full title from Genamics JournalSeek or All That JAS.

  3. Once you know the full title of the journal,

    Do a Citation Linker Search:

    Finds online journals

    1. Select the form Journal.

    2. Fill in one of the following: Journal Title or Abbreviation, ISSN or DOI. For better results, fill in the journal year. e.g. Enter "Physics of particles and nuclei" and "2008".

    3. Click on the Search button to start the search.

    Alternative: Run the search with the form Journal (A-Z) to browse in the list of available E-Journals.

    Note: If an abbreviated title retrieves no results, please search again with the full title.

    – or –

    Do a Catalogue Search:

    Finds Print- and E-Journals. Many pre-1990 articles are available in print only.

    1. In the Catalogue Searchbox at the Library Home page www.ub.uni-rostock.de enter the full journal title: "Physics of particles and nuclei".

    2. Click on the Search button to start the search.

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  • Journal
  • Journal (A-Z)
  • Book
Article - One of the following is required:
  • Article Title
  • Journal Title or Abbreviation
  • International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)
  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
  • PubMed Identifier (PMID)

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