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Information about the Discovery-Service

From 6 November 2017 our Discovery-Service is available for a comprehensive scientific literature search. The Discovery-Service is the modern alternative to our classic Online-Catalogue. So it would be easier for you to enter new areas of interest and access to your library account.

In the extended search you can search within K10plus-Zentral. This is our stock and the stocks of more than 400 libraries located in Common Library Network GBV. Included are, among other things, more than 57 million printed articles and more than 34 million electronic resources (eBooks, eJournals, eArticles).

A responsive design allows access with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

You will find our Discovery-Service at this address: https://find.ub.uni-rostock.de/

Involved Libraries

The stock of these libraries, which are part of a regional network, is available for the standard search in our Discovery-Service.

Why a Discovery-Service?

In addition to the Regional Katalog Rostock we offer a Discovery-Service on the basis of search engine technology that allows you a different way of searching for documents.

The Discovery service is the ideal tool for an entry into a topic for which you are looking for unknown literature. But the Regional Katalog Rostock is well suited for a targeted search for well-known literature.

Differences in the comparison of the two systems are:
Discovery-Service Regional Katalog Rostock
Good for thematic search
(Search and discover literature about "X")
Good for the targeted search for well-known literature
(Search for author, title ...)
The search can be expanded to K10plus-Zentral, the stock of all libraries in the Gemeinsamen Bibliotheksverbund (GBV)
+ Articles
+ National Licenses
+ selected Databases
+ Directory of Open Access Journals
+ ...
Search only in our stock
Sorted by rank order Sorted by year of publication
Articles are included and can be accessed directly if a license is available Only selected articled are included
Auto Complete when entering search terms Manual entry of search terms
The search with original characters in Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic or Hebrew is possible The search with original characters is not possible
(Titles are transliterated)
The responsive user interface can also be used well on mobile devices The user interface is not responsive and conditionally suitable for mobile devices
Use is intuitively Learning is necessary

Search tips

Search tips
Search terms Type one or more terms into the search field. The "Auto Complete" function helps you to select the search terms.
Wildcard * The * character can be placed anywhere in the search term or the end of the search term. It replaces any number of characters.
- Publi*ation will be find publikation and publication
- sanier* will be find Sanierung, sanieren, Sanierungspreis etc.
Wildcard ? The ? character can be placed anywhere in the search term or the end of the search term. It replaces exactly one character.
- Publi?ation will be find Publikation and publication
- W??mar will be find Weimar, Wismar etc.
Person search If you are searching for a specific person, preferably type the name in quotation marks.
Example: "Gerd Röpke"
Search with original character sets If titles are described in the original character set, you can search for them as well.
История текста и биография А. П. Платонова
Phonetic search With the phonetic search similar terms can be found. This is useful when the correct spelling of a name or term is unknown.
Tollsdeu will be find Tolstoi, Tolstoj, Tolstoy etc.
Presets for a search By using different presets you can restrict your search. For example, if you are looking for a work from a certain author, but you do not know the title, you can enter the author with the presets. In this way, the search is performed exclusively in the works of this author. Your presets can be stored and loaded for later searches.
Restrict search results Period, Type, Format
By use of slider control or by manually entering the desired years, the result can be restricted to a selected period.
By activating the desired check box, the search result can be restricted to a specific publication type and to selected publication formats.
Search queries and search results Confirm search queries by clicking the search button. The entered terms are searched simultaneously in all fields of the title description (person, title keyword, subject, etc.). The search result is sorted by relevance ranking, the highest possible match between the your search query and the available data.
Access to licensed electronic resources (e-books, e-journals, e-articles) For a large number of electronic resources, the university library provides access to the electronic full text. For access from outside the university campus it is necessary to connect to the Rostock university network via VPN or use a university application server. More information can be found here.

Control elements
settings Settings
Set settings for the search
- switch to advanced search
- activate phonetic search
- set the appearance period
- presetting for specific data (title, author, subject ...)
- save and load settings
start search Start search
Start the search with the entered search term
Sprache auswählen Sprache auswählen Select language
Selection of language (german or english)
Ansicht auswählen Select view
Select the view of hits between one to a maximum of four colums
Merkliste Checklist
Show all titles in the checklist
Login Login
Access to the user area
- Management of available media, rentals, orders, reservations and fees
- Change, request or activate the password

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